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Dressed to Succeed Ribbon Cutting at OSP

Dressed to Succeed Ribbon Cutting at OSP

DRESS TO SUCCEED reaches another milestone!  Dress To Succeed, a free clothing ministry headquartered at St. John Episcopal Church, has expanded its services to include providing clothing and services  to the Ohio State Penitentiary for returning citizens before they are released.  Every released inmate within 30-60 days of their release date will receive at least one professional outfit that will benefit them as they prepare to enter the job market. 

The grand opening of this collaboration with Dress To Succeed and the Ohio State Penitentiary was held with a formal ribbon cutting.  In attendance were state legislatures, judges, the Mayor of Youngstown, community and religious partners, the Adult Parole Authority, Hope Channel representatives and the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few.

Inmate Eric Speckert will soon be released from the OSP Camp.  He was the first inmate to participate in the Dress To Succeed program.  After the ribbon cutting, Inmate Specker was fitted with a suit, ties, dress shoes, belt, undergarments, a casual outfit, leather jacket, trench coat, tennis shoes and hygiene products.   

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