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The PCI Women in Corrections Presented the Empowering Lives Richly

The PCI Women in Corrections Presented the Empowering Lives Richly

The Pickaway Correctional Institution Women in Corrections presented the Empowering Lives Richly (Mind, Body and Spirit) conference at the State Fire Marshal Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Director Mohr opened the conference with the story of his beginnings in corrections.

The conference was designed to encourage and empower women through emotional, financial, and health concerns they encounter every day in their work and home life.  And it did just that!

All of the presenters were on point and pertinent to the issues we face every day.  How do we make ourselves heard without being called emotional, how do we make sure we have enough to cover our medical expenses, how can we inspire our fellow women to reach the goals ahead.

The speakers included Maryann Ruben author and motivational speaker, Evelyn Ikehorn educator and motivational speaker, a panel of three women Dr. Maureen Black, Jackie Dodley, and Sheryl Clinger (all amazing in their field) and Nina Turner (activists, motivational speaker, and former state legislator) finished the conference on the highest note possible.  Sponsors and venders filled the hallways.

The conference was supported by Warden Charles Bradley, Rob Jeffreys Southeast Regional Director, and Mary Lawrence women’s coordinator and her Team.

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