2018 Correction Officer of the Year: Michelle Miller (DCI)


Michelle Miller

A member of the DCI SRT team, Officer Miller has done an outstanding job teaching the Security Threat Group, Active Aggressor, DT/SC, Cell Extraction and Immobilizing Restraints courses. Focused on increasing her knowledge and experience by participating on committees and teams, she also coaches new employees during the OJT orientation phase.


2018 Correction Officers of the Year






Rick H. Basinger

Officer Basinger is dependable in regards to his everyday role as a Correction Officer. He seeks to make his area safe while ensuring that policies and procedures are followed. Additionally, he demonstrates leadership by instilling needed skills and professionalism in the new officers that he mentors.


Robert A. George

The trait most associated with Officer George is “dependable”, as he is a vital component to the operations of BeCI. An avid hunter and fisher, Officer George is a trustworthy and loving husband and father. A man of his word, Officer George leads by example – at home, at work and in his community.


Ivan L. Turner

Officer Turner is a critical member of the CCI family and is crucial to the success of the institution. During the death row relocation to CCI, Officer Turner was the first officer in the unit and was instrumental in the smooth transition. Outside of work, Officer Turner devotes his time to his family and is also active in his church.



Cameron Spradlin

Since 2011, Officer Spradlin has assisted in training all new officers at CRC and has shown great interest in the training of all staff. Officer Spradlin displays leadership amongst his peers. He is a dedicated leader who is committed to excellence regarding the safety and security of the institution.


Michelle Miller

A member of the DCI SRT team, Officer Miller has done an outstanding job teaching the Security Threat Group, Active Aggressor, DT/SC, Cell Extraction and Immobilizing Restraints courses. Focused on increasing her knowledge and experience by participating on committees and teams, she also coaches new employees during the OJT orientation phase.


Judith C. Onyekwere

Officer Onyekwere is an exceptional officer with great integrity who is always professional to those she comes in contact with on a daily basis. A devoted wife and mother, her respectful, positive and professional demeanor at front entry makes her the perfect representative for FMC.



Gary M. Webber

A 24-year employee of GCI, Officer Webber provides support and supervision for the Hope Channel, media studio, screen printing, woodshop, One Stop, sewing workshop, Microsoft computer lab, CDL simulator, BMV testing, staff barber shop, and parole board room scheduling. His involvement has been instrumental in the success of these initiatives.


Jeffrey A. Moore

Beginning his career at LeCI in 1996, Officer Moore is a proven and reliable resource to his supervisors and peers. In his 21 years, Officer Moore has been the ultimate professional and a pillar of consistency – including never being late or tardy to his post. His professional demeanor, attention to detail and interpersonal skills provide unparalleled service to ODRC.


Charles S. King

Officer King was on his way to work one day when a car ran a stop sign and was hit by an ambulance, which had a patient on board. As a result of the wreck, the ambulance landed on its side. Officer King immediately assisted in removing the driver of the car out of the vehicle and assisted members of the ambulance until medical care arrived. His quick actions were instrumental in the health and protection of those involved.



Patrick M. Mariano

Officer Mariano has been an integral piece of the LorCI mission by lending his voice to various issues and concerns while continuously demonstrating his professionalism and dependability. A quiet leader, Officer Mariano commands respect as he leads by example. He is a trusted leader within TPU and is depended upon to not only implement change but provide objective and honest feedback while upholding order and morale.


Doug Payton

A 23-year veteran of MaCI, Officer Payton displays positivity through his professionalism, knowledge of his profession, effective communication and true integrity. Officer Payton works in the MaCI control center where he handles stressful situations in a calm, controlled and confident manner, instilling confidence in his peers.


Michael Drockton

Officer Drockton demonstrates honesty and discipline in every facet of his life as he exudes professionalism and confidence through his words and his actions. He is dedicated to influencing offenders daily with words of wisdom through intentional daily conversations and guidance. He is a true pillar of excellence for the entire department.



Eric Wylie

A 23-year veteran of MCI, Officer Wylie is often recognized for his commitment to excellence in all that he does at the institution. He is known to be reliable and willing to go above and beyond his job duties. At work and in his community, Officer Wylie is a selfless leader who is instrumental in keeping Ohio communities safe.


Jed Harris

Officer Harris, a 25-year ODRC veteran, is active in many institutional committees including labor management as well as health and safety. During an inmate transport last year, his vehicle was behind a semi-truck that veered off the interstate and crashed. Adhering to protocol, Officer Harris responded to the vehicle to assist the trapped driver until emergency services arrived.


Dave A. Anderson

Throughout his 16 years at NERC, Officer Anderson’s vast knowledge of the institution and impeccable work ethic brings a high quality of service to ODRC. His kind and sincere approach when interacting with co-workers, offenders and visitors creates a positive role model for those who come in contact with him.



Adam Wojton

Officer Wojton is a positive individual who never lets the pressure of his job deter him from being pleasant, personable and professional to his peers and offenders. This approach has enabled him to not only serve as a peer to many of his colleagues, but also a voice of reason and guidance to many of the offenders he interacts with daily.


Tarik A. Rahim

Since joining ODRC in 1994, Officer Rahim has been a significant contributor and leader in the department. He is well regarded for his courtesy to offenders, colleagues and visitors alike – often seen as a clear example of “firm, fair and consistent”. Often facilitating transfers at OSP, Officer Rahim willingly puts his life on the line daily to facilitate the efficient operation of the agency, to ensure the safety of Ohio communities.


Zach L. Hammond

Officer Hammond’s contribution to the institution is demonstrated daily through his consistent display of professionalism while performing his duties. Regardless of the task or assignment, he can be depended on to complete it in an efficient and responsible manner. His dedication to his family and his PCI colleagues is an excellent example of balancing a healthy family life with the demands associated with a career in ODRC.



Jeremy Woods

Officer Woods currently serves as back up Health and Safety Officer and has been instrumental in chemical assessment. Additionally, Officer Woods was responding to a mission when his Special Response Team came upon a crash involving three cars. He immediately began providing assistance to the injured individuals and assisted his team in creating a landing zone for an air ambulance.


Troy S. Cox

As a member of the Veterans Committee, Officer Cox helped implement fundraisers to support veteran families in need with the ODRC and the local community. Additionally, he is actively involved in RiCI’s partnership with the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, the RiCI Recycling Program and Apprenticeship, the Garden Program, the Bee Program and the Vocational Advisory Board.


Matthew R. Phillips

Officer Phillips has been instrumental in assisting with the establishment of the Officer Development and Support Team at SCC, which has effectively reduced probationary removals by 62% in its first year. Officer Phillips carries himself with respect and dignity and has garnered much respect from his peers and supervisors alike for the way he instructs and coaches new employees.



Fred A. Denney

Since beginning with SOCF in 1999, Officer Denney has represented the institution with the utmost respect and professionalism. He is very attentive to detail in every aspect of his duties, is an excellent team player, a powerful team leader and has great rapport with both staff and offenders. Officer Denney contributes directly to the safety and security of the institution.


Hal D. Green

Officer Green is known for setting the tone and creating an environment conducive to learning inside TCI’s Education Department. He is soft spoken yet firm in his leadership and has a passion to make an impression on those he encounters. Additionally, he encourages offenders to engage in basic education, college courses and vocational programs and work hard to guide them along the way.


Robert G. Roig

Officer Roig ensures the safety and security of the institution while doing so through hard work and a positive attitude. In his time with ODRC, Officer Roig has proven himself a leader among his peers and a great example of what other should strive to become. Additionally, he has made himself available to assist new staff as they come on board.



Mark P. Kiser

Throughout his career, Officer Kiser has set the standard for other officers due to his professionalism and commitment to excellence. His leadership abilities, attention to detail and interpersonal skills combine to provide unparalleled service to ODRC. Due to his fair, firm and consistent work ethic, Officer Kiser is seen as a mentor to many.


2018 COs of the Year

Join us as we honor those dedicated individuals selected as Correction Officer of the Year for each ODRC institution.