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VERA Institute Demonstration Projects
CSG Justice Center Launches National Reentry Resource Center
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Ohio Youth Assessment System Training Registration
The Reentry Policy Council
Disproportionate Minority Contact
The Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign
The Ohio Supreme Court / Specialized Court Docket Section (Reentry Courts)
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services / Workforce
Ohio Supreme Court / Specialized Court Docket Section
Jail Administrator's Toolkit for Reentry
National Institute of Justice Funding Opportunities
Ohio Department of Criminal Safety / Office of Criminal Justice Services
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Collateral Sanctions

Two new Certificates have been created under Ohio law that remove criminal-record-based barriers to employment, without erasing or hiding the criminal record itself. Certificates of Achievement and Employability (“CAEs”; created by House Bill 86, 2011) are available now to eligible applicants. Certificates of Qualification for Employment (“CQEs”, created by Senate Bill 337, 2012) are now to eligible applicants. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections manages the new online CQE application system.

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