Madison Religious Services

Chaplain: Day/Hours of Work

Emmanuel Samuthram (Chaplain Sam) Sunday 9am - 4pm

Zone A Chapel Mon, Tues, Thurs. 11am - 7pm

Phone: 740- 852-9777, Ext. 2465   Wednesday 11am - 8pm


Religious Contractors

Protestant - Mike Casto Sunday 7am - 10am

Zone B Chapel Monday - Friday 3pm - 8pm

Phone:  (740) 852-9777, Ext. 2665  


Catholic - Gordon Kunkler Friday 5pm - 8pm

Phone: 740-852-9777, Ext. 2465 Saturday 8am - 4pm


Jewish - Rabbi Mendy Kalmanson Wednesday 1pm - 3pm

Phone: 740-852-9777, Ext. 2465     


Islamic - Ayhan Yildirim Friday 9am – 4pm

740-852-9777, Ext. 2465



Day Time Program

Sunday 8am Worship Service

Sunday 1pm Chapel Band Practice

Sunday 1pm Worship Service

Sunday 1pm Chapel Band Practice

Sunday 1pm Worship Service

Sunday 6pm Chapel Band Practice

Monday 8am Bible Study

Monday 1pm Jehovah Witness

Monday 1pm 17 Principles (Chapel)

Monday 6pm Wisemen & Woman Bible Study

Monday 6pm Bible Study

Tuesday 8am Piano Class

Tuesday 6pm Bible Study

Tuesday 6pm Protestant Services

Wednesday 1pm Jewish Counseling/Service

Wednesday 6pm Kairos Prayer and Share

1st Thursday 6pm Epiphany Reunion

Thursday 1pm Overcomers Discipleship

Thursday 6pm Native American

Thursday 6pm Bible Study

Friday 8am Bible Study

Friday 1pm Taleem       

Friday 1:30 pm Jummah

Friday 2:15 pm Taleem/Jummah

Friday 6pm Prayer Service

Friday 6pm Prayer and Share

Friday 6pm Catholic RCIA Study & Rosary

Saturday 8am Chapel Gospel Choir Practice

Saturday 8 am & 1pm Catholic Mass