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Women in Corrections in Kentucky

Women in Corrections in Kentucky

Recently several staff from the ODRC were invited to participate in the “Women Working in Corrections & Juvenile Justice Conference” conducted in Louisville, Kentucky. Warden Charlotte Jenkins represented CCI at the conference this year. Keynote speakers for the conference were Elizabeth Smart, Maryum Ali, and Dean Strang. Warden Jenkins was able to gain valuable insight during the sessions ranging from “Trauma and Recovery”, “Staff Difference”, “Critical Conversations: PREA implications for Women in Corrections”, “Why Survivors of Trauma Feel and Act the Way They Do: Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma” and DRC’s Director Gary Mohr and SW Regional Director, Michelle Miller conducted a session on “Restrictive Housing”. These were just a few of several of the sessions offered at the conference. Charlotte was invited to attend the “Knock Out Event” taking place at the Muhammad Ali Center, as well as enjoying dinner at the historic Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

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