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Prisons Host Local Support Agencies

Prisons Host Local Support Agencies

CCI and RCI conducted the Local Support Agency Meeting at the Terry Collins Reentry Center with over forty staff and community leaders in attendance this year.  This year’s meeting centered on how to handle an active shooter situation. Mike Comer, Southwest Assistant Squad Leader (S.T.A.R.) and Jason McCray, RCI SRT Commander, conducted a presentation of “Active Shooter” and showed a video of contraband being “attempted” to be thrown over an institutional fence. Officer Comer shared information with those present about what type of items are being thrown over the fence and what the Ross Correctional Institution is doing to combat it from entering the facility. Warden Hooks proposed all the surrounding first responders tour each institution and observe staging areas to familiarize themselves prior to an incident taking place at the institution. Jon Pence, Deputy Warden of Operations, CCI, discussed the resources available and explained how other agencies can assist if needed and how the DRC can assist their agency. The Ohio State Highway Patrol (Chillicothe & Jackson Post), staff from the Veteran’s Administration, Parole, Chillicothe Police Department, Ross County Sheriff’s office, Ohio Department of Transportation staff and the Union Township Fire Department were present this year and shared many ideas. 

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