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Summit County Prosecutor’s Office Tours OSP

Summit County Prosecutor’s Office Tours OSP

The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office has a fairly large group of interns during the summer with a mixture of undergrads and law students. They expose them to as many criminal justice agencies as possible. The goal is to give the interns exposure to a variety of different agencies which ultimately helps them understand how the entire criminal justice system works as a whole. By visiting the OSP institution the interns learned its history, what type of inmates are housed there, the different roles of staff members and how the facility operates. Communications and information sharing between the Criminal Investigators and Prison Investigators will benefit not only with investigative cases but protecting our communities with any potential crimes being committed from inside the institution and furthermore protecting victims. Often times they rely on prison investigators for obtaining prison calls, JPay emails, setting up interview rooms and providing records or other related evidence that could assist the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office with active investigations and prosecutions. 

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