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NERC Strengthens Faith Connections in Neighboring Communities

NERC Strengthens Faith Connections in Neighboring Communities

Cornerstone Chapel, Medina Ohio, held an Old Fashioned Outdoor Service and noon-time picnic following the service that was attended by eight of the NERC residents escorted by an Officer and Chaplain Jill Sullivan.  “The weather could not have been more perfect for our church to worship the sun while worshipping the Son” said Cornerstone Pastor Mark Giamo, who loves having the residents attend various services at Cornerstone. “Having the opportunity to get out of the prison and attend local churches gives our residents a firsthand look at the vast amount of resources available to them in the faith community once they are released, which can only enhance their rate of success and reduce the risk of re-offending after release” said Chaplain Jill Sullivan.  Many local churches in our area provide Faith-Based Recovery & Addiction programming as well as employment connections, food pantries, and clothing. “Finding a church home before being released, for a resident who maybe never had a church home is critical because a church home will provide support on much more than just the spiritual level” according to Chaplain James Breidinger of NERC. 

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