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Richland Correctional Takes Softball Championship

Richland Correctional Takes Softball Championship

Richland Correctional Institution has won the ODRC Softball Tournament for the second consecutive year.   The double elimination tournament consisted of eight ODRC teams.  The Champions defended their crown at a nearby venue ( Marshall Park) in Ontario.  RiCI finished with a record of 5-1 in the tournament, scoring wins against arch-rival Mansfield Correctional (ManCI), Toledo (ToCI), Madison (MaCI), and Chillicothe (CCI).    Richland won the title in dramatic fashion, rallying from a late game deficit to knock off CCI 18-17.   RiCI Officer and power-hitter Andrew Eyink gave his team the lead by slugging a grand slam to take the lead in the closing innings.

Officer Aaron Anderson was selected as MVP of the tournament.  The selection was noteworthy considering he wasn’t able to participate in the previous two ODRC tournaments.  When C/O Anderson was presented the MVP award he graciously accepted,  however he then immediately handed the award back, stating the accolade was truly a team award.   His explanation was because it takes a team to win not just an individual.  Warden Marquis and the staff at Richland Correctional are very proud of their colleagues success.

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