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OSC Records Management Comes Together to Help a Co-Worker

OSC Records Management Comes Together to Help a Co-Worker

Life is full of unexpected circumstances.  We never know when we could be hit with a life changing experience.  John Sines, an Operation Support Center member of the DRC family, experienced one of those situations when his home caught on fire and was left for lost. Thankfully no one was injured.

When John’s co-workers heard of his family’s loss, they felt something had to be done to help him.  Leslie Tilton got together with Liann Bower, Carolyn Young  and Donell Cummins to discuss ideas to come to John’s assistance. 

Michelle Thomas, Jenny Stewart, Charity Kisor and Justin Patrick worked together to spear head a bake sale to raise funds. The Records Department had their bake sale and raised $1352.00. 

The success of the bake sale speaks greatly about those in the Records Bureau and all of Operation Support Center.  

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