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 RiCI Continues In2Work Success

RiCI Continues In2Work Success

Seven RiCI offenders were honored as graduates of the “In 2 Work” program at Richland Correctional.  Inmate family members, Aramark and ODRC staff congratulated these graduates for this accomplishment.  The "In2Work" program is a six month program that  teaches students skills to increase their chances of obtaining food service employment following release, and allows them to obtain a Serve-Safe Management certificate.  Following release, those who complete the program, are able to apply for scholarships through Aramark to assist them in furthering their education, and could potentially obtain employment  from Aramark in any of Aramark's business lines that employ former offenders. The program is offered by Aramark in over twenty Ohio-based correctional facilities. Hundreds of current and former inmates within Ohio have been involved in this program. The program consists of three phases (including Serv-Safe certification) over the course of six months. The goal of this program is to provide on the job training skills for food service workers. The graduates of the program were challenged to make the right choices, role-model their teachings to less-skilled food service workers, and to reach for the stars.

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