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 D.A.S.H. Animal Rescue Joins CCI

D.A.S.H. Animal Rescue Joins CCI

CCI partnered with D.A.S.H Animal Rescue. Danielle’s Animal Safe Haven started helping lost and homeless animals over 25 years ago. The program has rescued thousands of animals over the years ranging from hamsters to horses by placing them in forever homes. All the animals are checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated and spayed/neutered. The program is credited with saving over 100 dogs with parvovirus and saving hundreds of cats and dogs from euthanasia at shelters all over the United States. While donations are appreciated, this program raises many funds by conducting yard/bake sales and several adoption events throughout the year.   Anyone interested in gaining a friend for life may contact Stacey Cartee (CCI Canine Program Coordinator) at 740.774.0251 or contact her through email at

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