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Ladies Day Out on the Yard

Ladies Day Out on the Yard

Warden Brande Harris was happy to sponsor the NERC Yard Day 2017 and enlisted the assistance and talents of several employees to make the day a huge success.

"An event like this takes an enormous amount of cooperation and preparation to be successful.  Our vision for this day was to make the fences disappear for a day so that residents could laugh and have a good time because for 363 days a year they work so hard to make their reentry a success while also making our overall operations a success. I am blessed to have staff and a facility of people dedicated to working together, and that is the secret to our success at NERC", said Warden Brande Harris.

Out on the yard was putt putt, popcorn, tacos, ice cream, a live DJ and a dunk tank as well as several yard games, volley ball, and hula hoops.

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