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CCI's Therapeutic Community

CCI's Therapeutic Community

I know I have a problem and I do want help so I don’t hurt anyone anymore and this program is going to give me the chance to do this”. This is just one of the great things being said by the men in the Therapeutic Community (TC) Program at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

The community in which the Chillicothe Correctional Institution resides has been hurt extremely hard by the heroin epidemic in the last few years. What happens within our community sometimes trickles into our prison population.  The TC program is an effort to put a spot light on addiction not just in our hometown but throughout Ohio.

The TC Program was brought to CCI in January of 2014 (Comp Drug) and is able to have one-hundred men participate at a time. It is a fifteen-month module centering around the community style approach as being the primary agent of change. Positive affirmations can be seen throughout the housing unit and the programming doesn’t end when staff leave for the day. The men are held accountable and expected to become role models who actively reflect the values and teachings of the community. “Everyone makes mistakes but this program is teaching me how to fix them and gives me a chance when I leave here”, stated from a man currently in the program. 

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