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Noble Correctional Institution Holds EDWINS Graduation

Noble Correctional Institution Holds EDWINS Graduation

Noble Correctional Institution recently had nineteen offenders graduate from the first EDWINS Institute Club Program. This class is a 22-week program, with 100% attendance requirements and is part of the EDWINS outreach into prisons. Participants learn basic restaurant management and cooking methods through videos and written curriculum. As a final project, Staff Advisor Melanie Good arranged for the students to create a menu to use the skills they learned, to prepare a meal under her guidance. As a surprise to the students for a job well done, EDWINS Chief Operating Officer and Director of Culinary Chef Gerry Grim personally presented the completion certificates and sampled the prepared meal.

 EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization that gives formerly incarcerated adults a foundation in the hospitality industry while providing a support network necessary for long-term success. Their mission is to teach a skilled trade in the culinary arts, empower willing minds through passion for the hospitality industry and prepare students for a successful transition home.

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