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Star of Life Award

Star of Life Award

London Correctional Institution’s Officer William Ball recently received the Star of Life Award at the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Officer Ball is a volunteer firefighter with the Central Township Fire Department and he along with his co-firefighters responded to an accident which involved a motor vehicle and three semi-trucks.

One of the semi-truck drivers was trapped in the cab of the truck.  He was entangled in the debris and bleeding profusely from a head wound.  Extrication equipment was deployed and a working entrapment was called along with an additional engine.   Central Township Fire Department responders along with responders from the Madison County Emergency Medical Department assisted in freeing the civilian from his vehicle and providing medical attention.  Once he was freed from the debris, the civilian was life-flighted to a hospital. 

The fast response and actions of these responders, contributed to the positive outcome and recovery of the civilian.

 Mr. Ball was very humbled by the recognition and glad to meet the civilian during this ceremony.

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