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Family Night at Lorain Correctional

Family Night at Lorain Correctional

Lorain Correctional Institution had a special speaker for their monthly family night for Mentors and Cadre inmates.  Evangelist Jack Williams came in to speak to the offenders and their families about the struggles of life as an offender and how there is always a bright future for everyone. Mr. Williams being an ex-offender himself has overcame his addictions and drug offenses to make something of himself. On his way back to prison he met another offender who helped him make peace with himself and God. His life was changed from that point on.  Mr. Williams stated, “Your life matters. How you live your life today is the path you choose to walk down. Love changes everything. Have you heard the quote; Faith, hope, and love, but the greatest is love? You cannot lead anyone without love in your heart!” We had an ex-offender showing the offenders and their families that there is a light at the end of tunnel, you just have to want it. Anyone can make something of themselves, you are capable of making the right choices and doing great things! Love can conquer the world!

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