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RiCI Hosts Bi-annual Reintegration Graduation

RiCI Hosts Bi-annual Reintegration Graduation

Ninety-five RiCI offenders were recently awarded as graduates in phases of the Reintegration program.   A number of family members attended the ceremony to celebrate with the graduates.  The graduation honored offenders who successfully completed one of four required phase cycles. Inmates assigned to the Reintegration unit at RiCI are required to complete these four specified phases of programming and meaningful activities.  Some examples of this include Money Smart,  completing Carey Guides, and community service work.  This commitment and expectation is required in order for each inmate that resides within the Reintegration unit.  The commitment towards completing all four phases takes approximately two years.   The graduates were awarded certificates for their hard work and dedication.  The graduations are conducted twice a year and are coordinated by the Reintegration unit staff.   

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