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Former Prisoner Governor (Warden) Visits LorCI

Former Prisoner Governor (Warden) Visits LorCI

Recently, Lorain Correctional Institution had a visitor from Scotland, Andy Ireland.  Mr. Ireland retired as Prisoner Governor (Warden) from the prison system in Scotland in November of 2016 where he served 31 years in various positions.  At one point Mr. Ireland left the prison system to become the first professional rugby referees employed by the Scottish Ruby Union.  He officiated at internationals all over the world and was involved in training and coaching Scotland’s professional teams.  He returned to the prison system in 2008.   Mr. Ireland currently serves on the Rotary Club of Polmont and had asked if he could tour a few prisons while on his visit to Ohio.  He was particularly interested in  the reception process and how a reception center operated.  This tour was arranged by Mr. Marty Eggleston who serves as our PROP (Positive Reentry for Ohio Prisoners) Program Coordinator.  Mr. Eggleston accompanied Mr. Ireland on the tour.  

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