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Conquest Reaches Out to Group at CCI

Conquest Reaches Out to Group at CCI

Recently the Therapeutic Community “Conquest” group at CCI held their first ever Public Relations (PR) day.  The PR day is an opportunity for current members in the Therapeutic Community to reach out to men that may be interested in recovery. It’s an event where alumni and current members of Conquest and staff will educate other men incarcerated about the concepts of the Therapeutic Community. They share impactful, personal accounts of the process and how much it means to them. It also creates a platform to educate others about the opportunities within one’s life, creating a glimpse of hope and attainability of what a sober lifestyle looks like. The event was created in hopes that someone in the audience will begin to see the rewards associated with the restoration of ones values, beliefs and morals. Staff were on hand to speak to all the men and distribute educational material. 

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