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Behaviorial Health Training for North and South Region

Behaviorial Health Training for North and South Region

Kim Roschie, Office of Correctional Health Care’s behavioral health training and education manager, created and led Mental Health (MH) staff in a day of learning offering regional training options for the Evidenced Based Program(EBP) Seeking Safety along with Maggie Jedlinsky, LISW TOCI.

Training was held in the South region at TEC and in the North region in Mansfield.   Kim coordinated with field staff having experience conducting this group, then proceeded to tailor a training so that field staff could gain confidence and instruction in how to begin implementing this EBP model at each facility. Training was a collaborative effort, mental health clinicians and non-clinical MH, unit and reentry staff received the training.  Seeking Safety is a Trauma based group that offers assistance for both trauma and substance abuse and provides some key principles supporting patients through daily life experiences.

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