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Seth Howard Receives First Outstanding Recovery Services Staff Award

Seth Howard Receives First Outstanding Recovery Services Staff Award

Mr. Seth Howard received the first Outstanding Recovery Services Staff Award from the Ohio Department of Mental Health Services (ODMHS).  Seth is currently a Correctional Program Coordinator at the London Correctional Institution. 

Seth was recently recognized by DRC Correction Officer and co-worker John Burke for his performance.  Even though they work for different departments, Officer Burke took the initiative to contact ODMHS staff and advise them of the exceptional qualities of Mr. Howard.

Officer Burke stated, "Mr. Howard is a great role model for all staff. He always comes to work and is very professional when dealing with both staff and inmates. You can always count on Mr. Howard if you have a question or need help as he is always willing to assist. He has a great attitude and personality in addition to being very approachable. Mr. Howard has a great working relationship with security and medical staff and is very effective in solving any issues taken to him. He exhibits great leadership skills and will assume extra duties without complaint. He is always willing to step up to the plate and take charge when needed." 

Mr. Howard was recognized at the recent ODMH supervisor meeting at CTA.  He is very humble but expressed his thanks to all of the ODMHS and DRC staff that he works with.

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