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OSP Residents Donate to Relay for Life

OSP Residents Donate to Relay for Life

Sister Nancy Dawson, a volunteer at OSP and teacher of World Religions at YSU, held a  Relay for Life event for residents at OSP.  The Ursuline Sisters, which is the order to which Sister Dawson belongs, were assigned a time to do the relay.  Sister Dawson told the residents to do their exercising at 2:00pm so it would overlap with the YSU Relay for Life times.  The A & B Block mass participants were praying for the C Block Relay for Life participants and those who have cancer in the OSP community.  The relay participants were given the choice of 200, 500 or 1000 pushups or they could walk a mile.  The Ursuline Sisters have an OSP ministry fund and $100 of that fund was pledged on behalf of the C Block residents at OSP to go towards the YSU Relay for Life. 

 Sister Dawson plans on repeating this exercise in October for a group which helps children with HIV / AIDS.  

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