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ORW's Culinary

ORW's Culinary

Chef Thatcher's Sinclair Community College Baking and Restaurant Desserts class was kind enough to open its doors in the afternoon to provide a selection of beautiful desserts to some of our ORW staff.  On the menu were; a Red Velvet Cake Tower, a Crème Brulee with Caramel Lace and a fanned strawberry, Homemade Apple Crisp with a Cinnamon Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce, Bread Pudding with Caramel Pears and a Vanilla Crème Anglaise, A Duet of handmade Linzer Cookies with a Pear-Mint Granita, and a Dark Chocolate Mousse with a mixed berry sauce.  All of the desserts and the presentations were created as a part of class, and all of the students worked very hard to learn and understand not only the desserts themselves, but the science behind them as well.  It should be noted that all students have only completed 12 weeks of training in this course and has done extremely well!

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