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Installation of Handrail for New MRI Building at Franklin Medical Center (FMC)

Installation of Handrail for New MRI Building at Franklin Medical Center (FMC)

The staff and offenders at the Franklin Medical Center (FMC) have made great strides in the beautification of the prison grounds.  A recent major undertaking was the installation of the new MRI building located within the perimeter fence. 

Mr. Adam Trisler, Maintenance Repair Worker took on the task of constructing a handrail for the new building in an unorthodox manner.  He created a coed work crew to construct the handrail by using only recycled and salvaged building materials.  Offenders Bayliss and Banks collaborated together throughout the entire construction process.  Both using skills learned in the maintenance apprentice program at FMC.   In addition, the coed work crew saved several thousand dollars by using materials that were going to be recycled and doing the fabrication “in-house” and on site. 

FMC and Mr. Trisler have opened the door and paved the way for future coed construction projects.  His vision for a coed work crew has demonstrated that not only is rehabilitation possible, but through trust, hard work and determination, anything is possible.  Lives are touched and the offenders are  prepared to reenter society as productive and viable restored citizens with the goal of reducing recidivism. 


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