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LoCI's Black History Month

LoCI's Black History Month

As part of the activities for Black History Month, London Correctional Institution (LoCI) hosted a workshop for the inmate population regarding fathers.  Serving on the panel were Mr. Willie White, Recovery Services Director;  Mr. DeCarlo Blackwell, Inspector;  Mr. Kole Hargrave, Case Manager;  Mr. Russ Parrish, Unit Management Administrator; and Mr. Jeff Noble, Warden.

Ms. Crystal Brown, Teacher, served as the moderator.  Questions asked of the panel were “Is being a father work or pleasure”, “How do you teach your child”, “What is the role of a father”, “What is manhood”, to name a few.

The panel answered these questions using and sharing their own life experiences they have had with their children.  A majority of the inmates said they were fathers and enjoyed hearing about the life lessons that the panel members have learned.  They hope to apply this information to their own lives.  

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