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Longfellow Middle School Hosts Outreach Programs

Longfellow Middle School Hosts Outreach Programs

Longfellow Middle School hosted a program presented by Northeast Reintegration Center and Grafton Correctional Institutions. A supervised groups of male and female offenders were escorted to the school to share their experiences in attempt to encourage juveniles not to travel the same roads they have.  Stories are not fabricated and the offenders do not use scare tactics. The members of the outreach program attempt to appeal to the student’s intelligence by reminding them that it is wise to learn from their poor decisions, rather than make the same ones.  The offenders in the program speak on a variety of subjects.  All subjects are aimed at encouraging today’s youth to avoid drugs, truancy from school, violence, and other forms of criminal activities.  Their message is clear: stay in school, work hard, and display only honest and positive behavior. 

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