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Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor at SCC

Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor at SCC

The Southeastern Correctional Complex honored Matt Snider, RN with the Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor.  Matt Snider displayed courage and bravery by intervening and giving first aid to an individual that was having a heart attack.  On November 11, 2016 at a local high school football game, a fan in attendance suffered a heart attack.  Matt Snider, a second shift RN at Hocking responded.  At first, it was thought the individuals sugar was low due to him falling down and being sweaty.  Shortly after the initial assessment, the individual was lifeless.  Matt Snider and another by-stander began CPR.  They called for an AED and ended up shocking the individual.  When the ambulance arrived the gentleman had regained his pulse.  Thanks to Matt Snider and the bystander, the individual is alive and expected to make a full recovery.  It was later determined he had over 90% blockage of his heart. 

Matt Snider has been employed by the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections for twenty years.  He serves as a RN at the Southeastern Correctional Complex – Hocking Unit.  Matt Snider has shown bravery, initiative and decisiveness his actions are in keeping with the highest standards of the Southeastern Correctional Complex and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

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