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LoCI Presents "The Inn"

London Correctional Institution inmates presented “The Inn”, a play that was written and directed by Inmate Jeffrey Smith.  The Inn is a play about a diner located along Route 78 in Pennsylvania.  Owned and operated by an invisible but seemingly omniscient proprietor, the eatery satisfies the bellies and souls of the assemblage of dining regulars and revolving patrons.  In the absence of The Owner, Jude the head waiter, Ananias the cook, and Melvin the cashier, manage to keep things running at The Inn efficiently, albeit in an unorthodox manner.  On an unusually busy evening, a husband and his pregnant wife stop in to grab something to eat before traveling to Bethlehem. 

The play was performed three times; the first time for volunteers and the remaining two performances for staff and inmates.

The play was humorous, but also provided hope through the Birth of Jesus Christ.   Joyce Cahill, wife of Chaplain Cahill, portrayed Mary.  This play was written and performed by very talented LoCI inmates.

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