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 Celebrate Communities around the World at Grafton Reintegration Center

Celebrate Communities around the World at Grafton Reintegration Center

The members of the Girls of Green Service Club in conjunction with Kids in the Loop hosted “Celebrate Communities around the World” at the Grafton Reintegration Center.  This family engaged event consisted of four stations that revolved around Hanukkah in Israel; Kwanza in the U.S.; Christmas in Germany; and Eid-ul-Fitr in India.  These workshops were designated within four different areas of the HOPE Center and created the opportunity for the residents of the Reintegration Center to interact with their children and family.

The children were issued a “passport” before beginning the traveling through the celebrations around the world.  The four stations of travel involved food; games; gifts; and crafts.  The families experienced food that is used within the celebration of the season, creating a visual plate and explaining why the foods were significant.  The Girls of Green Service facilitated games at each station that were played within the designated holiday and taught the history behind the game within that culture.  Small gifts were distributed to the children that represented the holiday, as well as, engagement in a family craft.   

This family engaged event allowed the residents of the Grafton Reintegration Center and their families an opportunity to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season, as well as, learn cultural elements of the holiday celebrations.  This event would not have been a success or available without the support of the Girls of Green Service Club and Kids in the Loop as they organized and facilitated the work stations.    

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