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CRC Mental Health Staff Recognized for Work with Reentry Initiatives

CRC Mental Health Staff Recognized for Work with Reentry Initiatives

Staff members at CRC are working hard to ensure that clients have a successful reentry plan as they transition back into the community. Mental health professionals Nicole Erdos and Dr. Pamela Theis recently worked on release plans with an offender who had been incarcerated for more than 20 years. Erdos said “I have known the client for a while and I knew that it was important to find resources for him post-release”. Erdos and Theis collaborated together and with community resources to help the client qualify for placement in a local developmental disability center. Mental health staff helped gather documentation, answer questions for the client, and were instrumental in helping arrange meetings with the client and representatives from the developmental center before the client was released. On the day of his release, the inmate had a ride arranged, a place to stay, and services that would benefit him in managing his mental health. Post-release reports from the developmental center say that the client is doing well and has had a successful reentry thus far.

Thank you to the CRC Mental Health staff for all of your hard work! 

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