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DRC staff recognize CIT graduates (ORW/RICI)

DRC staff recognize CIT graduates (ORW/RICI)

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training was conducted in the Mansfield area.  Thirty ODRC staff from ORW and RiCI were participants in the training.  Staff participating in the CIT training were educated on issues often encountered with the mentally ill within institutions.  A major tenant of the training was to help the participants in attaining a better understanding of mental illness and ways to divert crisis through deescalating situations that could become quickly volatile if not handled appropriately.

Interactive activities were a component of the training, which included scenario based exercises involving actors from the Mansfield Renaissance Theater.  The graduates of the training class were congratulated by DRC Executive staff, including Regional Director David Bobby, Managing Director Ed Voorhies, Mental Health Administrator Tereasa Jamison,  Program Administrator Tracy Almanson-Murphy, and Deputy Director Donald Morgan.

The graduates were tasked to return to their respective facilities and work towards providing the training to fellow staff.   The goal for each institution is to provide the CIT training to a minimum of 30% of all staff. Richland Correctional Institution was the first DRC facility to host the CIT training.   


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