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Crossroads Launches at Warren Correctional Institution

Crossroads Launches at Warren Correctional Institution

The Four-Seven launched Crossroads Anywhere at Warren Correctional Institution (WCI) where the first event featured 30 members of the community and 64 offenders from WCI.

Currently, Crossroads Anywhere is being conducted at WCI, Lebanon Correctional (LeCI), Dayton Correctional (DCI) and Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW). This class is designed to provide offenders the opportunity to be a part of a larger, positive community. Over 200 volunteers from the outside community come into institutions to help incarcerated men and women prepare for life after prison.

 In addition to Crossroads Anywhere, the organization offers classes such as “Building Professional Success”, “Undivided”, “Getting It Right”, “Quest” and more.

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