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NERC Ladies Speak to High School Students

NERC Ladies Speak to High School Students

Several women from the Northeast Reintegration Center shared their stories with a group of “at-risk” students at Shaw High School.

The students, exclusively girls, are mentored by Shaw volunteer, who is also a DRC Volunteer and victim of violent crime, Yvonne Pointer.

 This was a presentation, however, with a twist as Ms. Pointer encouraged the Shaw students to share their stories of tragedy and personal difficulties with the offenders after the offenders had shared their personal stories with the students.

 “This was an outreach that reached inside of each of the ladies in the room to help the students and the offenders understand that they are not alone in their struggles, and to seek someone to talk to when life starts to overwhelm them so that a voice of reason can guide and direct them to safety”, said Ms. Kimberly Armour after the event.

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