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Quest Event at DCI Features “Spa Day”

Quest Event at DCI Features “Spa Day”

Volunteers from Crossroads and The Four-Seven held a one-day retreat at Dayton Correctional Institution (DCI) called “Quest” focusing on the importance of positive identity for women. 

The day began with women at DCI being treated to a relaxing opportunity – a “spa day”. Volunteers gave the women facials and provided hair and makeup makeovers before giving the women the opportunity to partake in “glamour shots” with a photographer. These photos were provided to the women to give them the opportunity to see themselves in a new light. 

“I honestly can’t remember the last time I got to have a makeover of any kind,” one participant shared. “It was so nice just to relax and escape reality for a few hours and for someone to tell me I look beautiful. I haven’t heard that in a long time.”

 The afternoon and evening were spent looking into the importance of women finding their identity in positive places. Much time was spent learning how to be identified by their success and gifts, rather than their mistakes.

  “Quest” is an eight-hour program that is structured with community-building group discussions and Christian-based teaching. Volunteers and residents worked through activities, teachings and heard shared testimonies throughout the day. Volunteers for the event traveled from as close as Dayton and as far as Florence, KY.

 Crossroads and The Four-Seven provide inside education at DCI through weekly programs such as “Crossroads Anywhere” and will be offering “Building Success: Personal and Professional” in early 2017. 

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