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TCI Host Women In Leadership 2016 Tour of Ohio

TCI Host Women In Leadership 2016 Tour of Ohio

Trumbull Correctional Institution hosted the Women In Leadership (WIL) tour for the Northeast Region.  There were a total of 18 guests in attendance. The Women In Leadership tour was developed to meet with Women Coordinators at each DRC facility to provide training and guidance to women working in the corrections field.  The WIL committee will host a training session in each region of the state.  

The morning began with an ice breaker that immediately opened attendee’s eyes to the diversity within the group.  Some of the women had phenomenal stories and experiences. One attendee stated she was a 6' 8" high jumper, another attendee claimed to be a girly girl and another who tried out of the US Volleyball team a few years back.  There were several participants that were military veterans from the National Guard and US Marine Corp. There was also a mother who enjoys playing dress up with her daughter.  

The training included presentations on Gender Communication and Inappropriate Relationships.  Attendees were encouraged to bring their own personality to the team and do not try to be someone you are not. The goal was to recognize the differences in the way men and women communicate verbally and non-verbally, as well as, to increase understanding and promote cohesiveness in the department.   Each woman’s coordinator was provided a lesson plan and power point to cascade training to females at their respective worksite. 

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