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Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor

Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor

Recently, the Southeastern Correctional Complex honored Sgt. Dustin Ward with the Vallandingham Gold Star for Valor.  Sgt. Ward displayed courage and bravery by risking his personal safety by involving himself in a situation that directly resulted in preventing physical harm to others.  Sgt. Ward was driving on State Route 664 when the vehicle in front of him went off the road and struck a group of trees catching on fire.  The juvenile male driver was unconscious and pinned in burning car.  After numerous attempts, Sgt. Ward was able to extract the juvenile occupant before the entire car was engulfed in flames.  As a result of his actions Sgt. Ward sustained injuries to his hands, his boots were melted, and the legs of his pants were burned. First responders on the scene confirmed that had it not been for Sgt. Ward’s actions the young man in the vehicle would have perished.

Sgt.  Ward has shown bravery, initiative, and decisiveness.  His actions are in keeping with the highest standards of the Southeastern Correctional Complex and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.  Congratulations Sgt. Dustin Ward. 

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