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CCI's Veteran's Day Ceremony

CCI's Veteran's Day Ceremony

In an effort to commemorate Veteran’s Day while incarcerated, members of the Veterans Coalition (offender group) had several fundraisers throughout the year in order to purchase a monument to honor all veterans. The monument was recently unveiled during a ceremony and was placed in the courtyard of the chapel where it will be under constant lighting to serve as a lasting tribute to the self-sacrificing efforts made by all of the service men and women. The ceremony included speakers from the armed forces (past and present), refreshments for the guests and the Veterans Coalition group were treated to a military movie in the afternoon.  Ms. Elma Walker, Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist, was the keynote speaker for the event. Ms. Walker gave everyone in attendance a very inspirational speech regarding incarcerated veterans having timely access to Veterans Health Administration services.  It is her mission to inform the men about the programs available to them upon their release to ensure a smooth transition back into the community. Mayor Luke Feeney and Jeff Carmen, Chillicothe’s Safety Service Director, also was in attendance for the ceremony. “The men worked hard to make this monument happen, not just for the incarcerated men here at CCI, but it was important to them staff know it is also in honor of the staff who have served as well. The monument is a true testament of what these men can accomplish and I am honored the monument was erected during my appointment at CCI”, said Warden Charlotte Jenkins. 

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